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Magnolia Gardens Auction is not only the PREMIER place to find unique vintage items and authentic antiques – it has also been an amazing consigning experience for myself. I love to find treasures and then bring them to Tina and sell them so that I may go and find more treasures. My experience with consigning with Tina is that she goes above and beyond by selling my treasure for a very fair price and also letting the buyer have an equally awesome experience. Tina has time and again impressed me with her knowledge of what an item will sell for and what to price the item at so both consignor and buyer are very happy. Magnolia Gardens is the perfect place to bring items to sell. I have known Tina for many years and am proud to do business with her.

– Heather W.

Seller at Auction Houston, Texas

  1. Tina

    Thank you so very much!!

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