Estate Sale from The Woodlands

I used Magnolia Gardens Estate House to sell the items from an estate in The Woodlands, TX. The area does not allow in-home estate sales. Tina Murphy efficiently removed all items from my home, cataloged them and sold them. Her service removed a large amount of unneeded items from my house and disposed of them properly. The home was left clean and tidy. She was easily and quickly available with any questions or issues that I had and resolved them to my satisfaction.

I was also impressed with her removal of a full size pool table as well as sellable electrical fixtures.

Receipts for all sales were sent to me along with checks at several points in the process. Every sale was carefully and clearly accounted for.

I was very pleased with her service and would recommend her to anyone pursuing an estate sale. She is honest and direct, efficient and thorough.

– Ed S.

Estate Seller The Woodlands, TX

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