Interesting, entertaining and enjoyable

Tina’s Saturday night auctions are always fun and filled with surprising “treasures.” The evening and bidding go quickly and there’s never a dull moment. It’s such fun to poke around the items up for bid and discover those hidden gems that you can’t wait to bid on and win! Once you participate in this wonderful experience, you will surely return frequently. Her customers are truly her “family.”

– QB B.

Buyer at Auction The Woodlands, Texas

  1. Jeannie Massey
    Jeannie Massey04-17-2015

    Great Auction house, and an even greater Auctioneer! Tina is very personable but very professional at the same time. I have never been to an auction quite like hers, and believe me, I am an AUCTION JUNKIE! She made me and my husband feel very welcome and was turkey appreciative of our business. I have only 1 regret and that is that I don’t live closer. We have only attended a few auctions here as we live out of the area

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