What you need to know

If you have never been to one of our auctions, here are a few questions you might find helpful – first some vocabulary…

AUCTIONEER is the person that conducts the auction.

The BIDDER is someone purchasing an item

A CONSIGNOR is the person with the property up for auction

The LOT means one or more items sold as a unit

FAIR MARKET VALUE means what the actual selling price would be today.  Not what people are hoping to get but what it actually will sell for.

A RESERVE is a price that I have to sell an item for, not any less.  This is set by the Auctioneer or consignor.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How often do you have auctions?
Who can bid?
When can I preview?
How can I pay?
How long can I leave my merchandise?
Do you have delivery staff?
Do you accept consignments?

There is about a minute of quick bidding, from the time that auctioning an item begins to the time that it’s sold. Keep in mind the value of the item and your limit, but don’t lose it for the price of a cup of coffee!

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